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We pride ourselves in fresh, local ingredients and an unforgettable atmosphere
WVBOY - Restaurant Road Trip

Before you hear our story, you must first know the story of LASCAUX MICRO-THEATER.


It was in the spring of Y2K that the idea of constructing an underground micro-cinema in the basement of the 1908 Stockert Building was born - a place to showcase lesser-known foreign and independent films, of an exceptional quality of story and purpose that Hollywood abandoned a long time ago.  The caves in Lascaux, France, that contain some of the oldest Art known to mankind, became the namesake and inspiration.  It was also at this time that the romance of micro-brewed beers was spreading across the country, and only the hippest and most bohemian towns could boast having a micro-brewery.  And so it was that the concept of "micro", being anti-corporate, hand-crafted, highly personalized and of exceptional quality, infused LASCAUX's mission for Buckhannon.


Sometime in 2008, it became clear to us that the patrons of LASCAUX needed a place to socialize and share great food and drink before and after the films.  LASCAUX is located in the 4th basement of the building, and it was the 3rd basement (next door) that was gutted and cleaned to make way for a new café.  Over the coming years, several concepts and names were tested, with mixed results.  During that time, no restaurant visit was complete without a sketch or two of a bar or booth design, and some photographs of the foods and their presentation, to bring home to the café project.  We considered themes of international flavors, to compliment the LASCAUX films, as well as handcrafted simple foods like bread, soup, wine, and cheese, but our loves were so many, and the possibilities were so great, that a clear direction did not immediately come into focus.  Nevertheless, the guiding vision of quality and elegance prevailed as the café construction finally commenced in 2012. 


During a vacation in the summer of 2013, in an antique store on the California coast, a vintage cast brass ¾ house number was discovered at the bottom of a box of random hardware parts.  We immediately recognized it as the rightful address for the 3rd basement, being the 3rd of 4 basements in the Stockert Building, and we delighted in the concept of the fractional addresses that are still found on so many Main Streets across the country, which the postal system no longer permits.  It seemed that we had discovered an historic version of the contemporary "micro" trend.  This ¾ name also solidified our hopes to someday have all four basements occupied by creative and alternative enterprises, comprising an underground district for the Arts in Buckhannon.


We are thrilled that you have discovered us - just off Main Street, down Traders Alley, a sharp right turn onto Micro Boulevard, and down the steps - the coolest place in downstairs Buckhannon.  We invite you to share and enjoy the highest quality, most unforgettable, and healthiest foods, nestled in our delightful underground café.  

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